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  Rod "Politico" Adkins Rod Adkins, also known as "Politico" was born in Detroit and raised by a single-mother in Minneapolis. The twenty-seven-year-old Politico learned the values of staying true to yourself and public service at an early age. Growing up in the dangerous Phillips neighborhood on the Southside of Minneapolis, dodging drug deals and witnessing gang violence helped shaped Politico. It was during these times he vowed to improve the community, the schools and help pave the way for the next generation to get out.

Politico is among a handful of artists changing the message of today's hip-hop culture and is a real-life example of using music and education to overcome life's obstacles. He is the product of hard work and dedication to public service and his music serves a purpose: To change the community and inspire people to stand up and make a difference. He has overcome adversity and didn't let the environment he grew up in define who he is today.

After graduating from high school, Politico spent the next eight years in the U.S. Air Force working in technology. His time abroad and service to America not only further shaped his character, but helped him earn two degrees. In 2007 Politico cemented his status as a public servant by completing the prestigious Sorensen Institute's Political Leaders Program at the University of Virginia.

Rod "Politico" AdkinsPolitico first started writing music in the early 1990s when the Midwest started getting recognition on the national rap scene. His style, speed and harmony were influenced by artists such as Bone, Twista, Do or Die and Crucial Conflict. He took music more seriously while stationed in the Southern U.S., where he started producing and was further influenced by producers like Mannie Fresh, T-Mix and Swisha House.

Politico's talent has already earned recognition from the music industry. In July 2007 Song of the Year chose the single Change as the winner of the hip hop category. In 2006, the Twin Cities Hip Hop Music Awards nominated him and his label, Syndakit Studios, for Album of the Year (Northern Sound), Best Live Show and Best Crew.

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