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Rap magic, high energy, powerful, catchy, amazing beats-this is how critics describe Change, the latest album from Rod Adkins also known as "Politico".

Lead by the single of the same name, Change is set to launch September 1, 2008 and combines stylish lyrics, edgy beats and a message of truth to hip-hop. The result is a high impact album aimed to change the community and help inspire youth to pursue their musical dreams. The single has already created a buzz among critics, when Song of the Year chose the song Change as the winner of the hip-hop category.

"Change is about changing the hip-hip culture from the debasement of women, the negativity, the N-word, the materialism... we can still have good music, we can still have high quality beats, and we can still show that we care. I want to show people that I can do quality music without all the negativity," Politico said.

Politico is among a handful of artists changing the message of today's hip-hop music and is a real-life example of using music to overcome life's obstacles. Therefore, he wants to reach the youth and help others achieve their American Dream.

"That's how, I can realize my American Dream," he added.

The concept of changing hip-hop culture is the product of hard work and dedication to public service. "My music is here to help serve a purpose: To change the community," Politico explained. "I have overcome adversity in my life and I didn't let the environment that I grew up in define who I am today. Hopefully this can inspire people. If Politico can make change, [people] can stand up and make a difference too."

Politico's debut album, Northern Sound: The Take Over, was released in August 2006 and was a mix of electronica, jazz and rap. His talent quickly earned recognition from the music industry in the Midwest and the Twin Cities Hip Hop Music Awards nominated him and his label, Syndakit Studios, for Album of the Year (Northern Sound), Best Live Show and Best Crew.

Politico - Press Kit"The Take Over definitely differs from Change in a big way," Politico said. "One is that [Change] is completely clean and I did that not to be friendly, but to challenge myself to make an album without resorting to being lazy and using words that didn't add meaning. Another thing is that people who listen to it will see that there are stories being told, not just random raps about bling, money and cars."

In addition to the single Change, other tracks on the album include Keepin It On Lock, War Being Won Tonite, Let's Go and Holdin On.

Here's how Song of the Year critiqued one of the tracks, War Being Won Tonite:"This song has hit written all over it and I think you should find buyers wanting to jump all over this. [Your] vocals and layers of rhymes are rap magic! The music has a very tight composition and high energy. The melodies sound menacing and give the song a powerful personality."

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Syndakit StudiosExecutive Producer: Rod "Politico" Adkins
Written, Mixed, and Engineered by: Politico
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